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There is one thing worse than an Enbloc ----- and that is an Enbloc done badly. Since the majority have the necessary mandate to sell, then they owe it to all SPs to make a success of it. Minority SPs can only watch and wait, if they sell then lets pray it's at a price we can move on with, if they don't sell, then we are happy to stay for a few more years.

Bizarre Arguments

Here is a comment that warrants it's own special post - as a prime example of how people can come up with the most irrational and bizarre arguments to try and put TC in a bad light. Never mind that such argument can be applied to every single estate in the country - and not just uniquely to TC - it's the fact that he can even SUGGEST such ridiculous scenarios to begin with!

Dear Smeagol,

You may keep your PRECIOUS GEM for as long as you like. Do not that TC is not freehold. What do you think TC will be worth in another 30 years time? With the current influx of more foreign worker, what if the government decides to build dormitory next door? What if they need another expressway that runs through the estate (just like the GEM in Marymount)? The list goes on...

I agree that we all own a GEM in TC, but I am not allowing mine to turn into stone. Neither am I asking you to sell out. Let the market speak and then we all decide accordingly. Do not drag the other 560 owners into an obsession with your GEM. We all know what happened to Smeagol!

Yours wisely,

what if the government decides to build dormitory next door? 

Well, sir, what do you know about the plot of land next door? Do you know, for instance that it has a plot ratio of 2.5? Do you know that as it is conveniently located next to a market, within walking distance of the MRT and 1 minute from the PIE, that the GOV is highly unlikely to let it be used for something as  unproductive as a workers dormitory? Do you really think that our Minister Mah would upset his residents to that degree? Tampines is the jewel HDB estate in their crown! If the Gov were ever to place a dormitory in Tampines - it would be over at Ave 10 where they have ample land. 

The  public parking lot behind the plot was recently converted from heavy vehicle to normal.  I believe the regular-shaped plot of land will most probably be earmarked for new HDB, a multi-story carpark or be sold as a GLS. for private residential use, ie a condo. I hope the latter! 

This has piqued my interest; I know the SLA announced last year that 30 GLS sites would be launched this year ( a reason why this en bloc is ill-timed I may add), 13 of which are rolled over from 2010.

What if they need another expressway that runs through the estate

Now this is a doozy! As if there is even a REMOTE CHANCE that the PIE will take a sudden detour and careen through our estate - and on through the  heart of Tampines to .... where exactly??
The list goes on... 
Do please continue!

What do you think TC will be worth in another 30 years time?

Don't know, don't care as I will be dead. 

Instead of negative - THINK POSITIVE 
Here is another comment from a forward thinking individual...
TC look ahead to 2015:
2013 - if enbloc goes smoothly.
2015 - new development on the land.
This is the GEM developers will look for:
1. Near the round market
2. There will be 3 MRT stations within walking distance
3. International Schools near by
4. Singapore University of Technology And Design
5. Tampines New Town Hub.
This will be a precious land, a GEM. Don't sell lower than $1.7mil
For investors, quit your old tactics and don't panic. If en-bloc fails, rent your units to foreigners, no need to panic sell.
SC - if you want a smooth sailing en-bloc, RP > $1.7mil, do the right way and be transparent about the process, lesser resistance, faster flow.

and may I add...
The immediate vicinity is well-served by many facilities including a market, hawker centres, NTUC Fairprice (3), Century Square, Tampines Mall and Tampines 1 Shopping Complexes, the Eastern Regional Financial Center, Changkat Community Club, Safra. 
The EXPO, IKEA, Courts and Giant supermarket are also located within the 2 KM radius. It is also close to primary, secondary schools and as well as a polytechnic and Tampines Junior College. The United World College (UWC) and Singapore’s future 4th University will be situated in the area.

Tampines Court is well served by transportation links along Tampines Avenue 2, Simei Avenue the Pan Island Expressway and TPE. The site is situated in between 2 MRT Stations, the Tampines MRT Station and the Simei MRT Station each a short walking distance away. Major Expressways like the East Coast Parkway leading to Ayer Rajah Expressway, the PIE and the TPE/SLE also renders it easy access to the Airport and to the north towards Woodlands.


  1. These arguments are from desperate people trying to short sell again. Same old tactics.
    Remember previous en-bloc, that TC was leaking, blah blah blah..
    Some estates trying for en-bloc in East Coast were told of how the reclaim land is not safe in event of earth quakes! Just to push people into en-bloc. Stupid right! IF the land there is not safe, then no developer will want to buy right?!
    So if developers want to buy TC, they'll consult the Government's Master plan.
    Have you seen the dormitories in Ave 10, there are more empty land there if they need to built. But do they really need the dorms when Government is cutting down on foreign workers?
    The picture above cuts a road right into HDB estates... the fastest way to lose Tampines GRC to opposition votes and territory.
    By the way, maybe the developer buying into TC can request for the piece of land from GLS, bigger condo development!

  2. why not wait for another 5 years to enbloc? I am sure prices will be higher then. Perhaps 2m? how many is with me?

  3. Why wait for 5 years? Might as well 10, 20, or end of lease periods ? Smart investors & owners will know the right timing & price to enbloc.

    Timing is now and right price is $1.7M or above. How many is with me ?

  4. 'why not wait..'
    I rather not en-bloc, because I like the place here.
    But the en-bloc process has begun, the views in "TC look ahead to 2015" is for TC owners and SC to project ahead when they think about setting the RP; to be positive looking not negative, to look ahead and not just the 'now'.
    It means we can have the confidence to set RP to at least $1.7mil.
    When people give us negative views, they are trying to press TC price down.
    It's like when a buyer is interested in your unit, they'll try to tell you negative things about your home to press the price down. While you on the other hand, will play up the positive things about your home and the location to keep the price up.
    TC owners and SC members must look for all the positive things to sell. Any MA putting up their proposals must go along in this positive tone, else we axe them out.

  5. http://www.ura.gov.sg/sales/BedokRvr/CL/BedokRvr-main%28L%29.htm

    Please visit the link above to view URA's site introduction (pasted below)for the land parcel at Bedok Reservoir Road.

    There is no mention of negative factors like HDB Sand Quarry, PUB WaterWorks and Kaki Bukit Center near the site.

    TC has all the good factors described for the Bedok
    Reservoir Road site and even nearer to amenities and school like Tampines mall, Expo, The fourth University etc.

    It seems that there is no negative factor around TC surroundings.

    Site Introduction from URA Sale of Site:
    Land parcel at Bedok Reservoir Road.

    Choice Location with Excellent Connectivity

    The land parcel is located within an established residential estate.
    Fronting the scenic Bedok Reservoir, the future residential
    development will offer residents a panoramic waterfront view.

    The site is well connected to major arterial roads and expressways
    such as the Pan Island Expressway and Tampines Expressway.
    The future Bedok Town Park Downtown Line (DTL) MRT station,
    which is located in close proximity to the site, will provide convenient
    public transport to all parts of the island.

    Close to Amenities Shopping, Dining and Entertainment

    A comprehensive and diverse range of shopping, dining and entertainment
    options are available at the nearby Bedok Town Centre and Tampines Regional
    Centre where well-established malls such as Tampines Mall and Century Square
    are located.


    Residents can engage in outdoor recreation activities or enjoy leisure walks
    at the adjacent Bedok Reservoir Park and nearby Bedok Town Park. Recreational
    facilities such as the Bedok Sports Hall and Swimming Complex are also
    located about 10 minutes’ drive away.


    The future residential development will provide ideal homes for families with
    school-going children. Numerous schools located within the vicinity include
    Temasek Polytechnic and Bedok North Secondary School. The fourth university,
    Singapore University of Technology and Design is also located at the fringe
    of Simei Estate near the Singapore Expo.


  6. ...and an International school at Tampines Ave 10 to be ready in 2012. Rent in our vicinity will be hike.

  7. I agree, I don't see any negative points of TC. I have live here for more than 20 years and absolutely love this place !

    If we upgrade TC with condo facilities (shared cost) if enbloc not succesful, we will be the most popular/hottest condo for sale & rental in Tampines/Simei area.

    I hope SC & Marketing Agent understand this point clearly and not let those people who want to press TC price down for their own benefits to brainwash them with their negative points.

  8. let's wait... We will hit 2m.... 5 year. This is a gem :)

  9. " let's wait..We will hit 2m...5 year. This is a gem :) "

    I m not that greedy. 1.7M is good enough. To wait for another 5 yrs to get additional 300K may not worth it. There are risk that property price may drop. Better cash out now and re-invest.

    If you want I can sell u my unit at 1.7M and you wait another 5 yrs to sell at 2.M. Game for it ?