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Why I will not sign

We are 1 year into our 3rd attempt at an enbloc sale, and it is not good. I have decided to come down firmly on the anti-enbloc side as I have little confidence in the SC (excl.V-Chairman) and absolutely none in the Marketing Agent. If I am selling my house, I am entitled to see the Valuation (or in this case the RLV) to make sure I am not being cheated. I have been refused by the MA and the SC and so I have no faith in their competence and every reason to doubt their integrity. They have failed to do due diligence on the RP and are either unwilling, incompetent or both. The SC wage a negative campaign against the estate and show ignorance of basic LTSA law. I shudder to think of them at the negotiating table with a savvy developer. An Enbloc is about selling land not units, we should be getting $1.7m/unit (incl. of common property). The present unsupported RP is an undersell designed for a quick sale.

Thomson View Condo

 Thomson View sale hits a roadblock

This case is presently being heard at the High Court .....

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  1. In Straits Time today, Court halts $590 million collective sales.