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Why I will not sign

We are 1 year into our 3rd attempt at an enbloc sale, and it is not good. I have decided to come down firmly on the anti-enbloc side as I have little confidence in the SC (excl.V-Chairman) and absolutely none in the Marketing Agent. If I am selling my house, I am entitled to see the Valuation (or in this case the RLV) to make sure I am not being cheated. I have been refused by the MA and so I have no faith in their competence and every reason to doubt their integrity. An Enbloc is about selling land not units, we should be getting $1.7m/unit (incl. of common property). The present unsupported RP is an undersell designed for a quick sale.

Thomson View Condo

 Thomson View sale hits a roadblock

This case is presently being heard at the High Court .....

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  1. In Straits Time today, Court halts $590 million collective sales.