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There is one thing worse than an Enbloc ----- and that is an Enbloc done badly. Since the majority have the necessary mandate to sell, then they owe it to all SPs to make a success of it. Minority SPs can only watch and wait, if they sell then lets pray it's at a price we can move on with, if they don't sell, then we are happy to stay for a few more years.


The Sale Committee have committed 2 more errors against the BMSM and Bye-Laws:-
  1. Posting the Statutory Notices on the walls instead of on the Notice Boards. I have requested the managing agent to remove them as posting on walls is not permitted in the estate. The 'notice board was full' is a lame excuse because once you remove the old Notices, voila, you have room for the new. Perhaps they are just too lazy to ket the keys from the office.
  2. The upcoming signing sessions are scheduled to be held in the Conference Room. Sorry no. The conference room is part of the office and is not open to SPs. The SC can hold their meetings there but signing sessions are out.  The proper venue is the Activity cum Function Room or the void deck if unavailable.
I have emailed my concerns to the Managing Agent who seemingly was not aware that the conference room had been earmarked.


  1. EnBloc Perpetuity with this SC? What wrong have we done in past lives to deserve this?

  2. How many bloopers is this now? Can we have a dedicated post to keep track.

    I've another one to add to the list - When posting PDF's on your facebook page, editing the PDF, covering numbers with a white square, saving and reuploading does not delete the text underneath.

    Copy and paste the whole text of that document into Word or Notepad and you will see what I mean when the RP magically appears.

  3. I am concerned of the recurring infraction of LTSA and BMSM Rules and Regulations by our SC. They are incorrigible. This is serious. Not just a silly, one-off blooper.
    Has our Chairman made a promise to MA that was beyond him to keep?
    SC, please provide proof that you are authorized to use the Conference Room for signing sessions, contrary to the understanding of the Managing Agent.

  4. After declaring it 'impossible' to raise the original RP, our SC have done the impossible. Could the SC convince us with facts and figures how they justify the enhanced RP? Hope they will keep and honor this promise to all SPs.

  5. As of 11:30pm 12 Jan, the statutory notices are still on the wall. Managing Agent needs another reminder or has SC carte blanche in Huttons Court.

  6. Correction: Tampines Court.
    Forgive my Blooper, it's quite contagious. Sorry.

  7. Ignorant? No. If i recall correctly in one of their earlier posts, the SC said that By Laws were just a formality.

  8. SC will say whatever is fleetingly expedient that suits their purpose for the moment. A flavor of their choice words:
    "I've done my groundwork, you're fired" LTSA violation.
    "RP any higher is impossible" Miracle workers SC pull off the impossible. Show us how it's done, please.
    "Reliable sources, Round market on way out" no elaboration necessary.
    SC Exec comments late 2015, "We welcome feedback, want to be as transparent as possible"
    SP overwhelming sentiment was for a new MA. Feedback ignored.
    Critical comments, unsavoury feedback censored. Accolades are encouraged. Silence in their FB speaks volumes.

    SPs expect our chosen ones to be hardworking and exercise due diligence. Not practice gross negligence.
    Not once, but twice our secret RP have been leaked into the public domain.
    SC is legendary for: Ignorance of the Law, Breaches of the Law and Blunders GarLaw.

    Last chance to do the right thing at the signing sessions.
    SC don't be cagey or evasive but upfront and transparent.
    Make available all correspondence, documentation and RLV calculation to concerned SPs. We have a right to be circumspect. It's our homes, our most valued asset and years of community spirit and memories at stake.

    We need verifiable facts to make an informed decision.