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There is one thing worse than an Enbloc ----- and that is an Enbloc done badly. Since the majority have the necessary mandate to sell, then they owe it to all SPs to make a success of it. Minority SPs can only watch and wait, if they sell then lets pray it's at a price we can move on with, if they don't sell, then we are happy to stay for a few more years.

Next to Nothing

Well, the Minutes of the 17th SC Meeting are on the Notice Board.

They contain absolutely nothing of  interest.  Four short paragraphs; 2 of which  were dedicated to telling us in detail that the Strata Roll is not up-to-date ( it never is). One line would have sufficed.

3rd paragraph: the SC asked Huttons when the next scheduled signing session would be. They replied that they would contact SPs who had not signed and arrange signing sessions for these SPs. To me, that sounds like there would be no more mass signing sessions at the void deck but targeted door-to-door sales tactics.

4th paragraph: could have been just one line: Let's put posters up on the Notice Boards - but said posters to be provided by the CSC, not Huttons who think it's a waste of time.

No update on signing %

Meeting was 1.5 hrs long.  Was this all there was to report? They must have talked really slow.


  1. The end is nigh, yet only low level activity just discernible of our SC.

    All SPs, bar maybe 10 are aware of ongoing enbloc. Strata roll is not the showstopper it's made out to be.
    SC should implement their 'small group' interaction for facetime and feedback from SPs. Allay SPs concerns and clear any doubts, either personally or thru notices or TC enbloc FB. These are serious and effective measures to win over SPs.
    They recognise the challenge after the result of the last signing on 12 Feb 17, did nothing but 'busied' themselves with strata roll. Why can't SP meetings, signature collection and strata roll verification occur simultaneously?

    Guys, you're not on the ball. Don't understand match tactics. Time wasting is deployed by winning team, NOT for losers.
    I'm not anti enbloc per se, but certainly not a fan of these players.

    Team SC don't say it, but their lack of serious, effective action is unmistakably clear; Game Over.
    Chairman could call for an EOGM, however I believe he prefers a low key, cheap melodramatic theatrical production to run till curtains on 24 Jun 2017.

    Don't get all too excited. It's only Fiction.

  2. '...targeted door-to-door sales tactics'

    Ma'am, since when have you thought so highly of our 'Man from Huttons'?
    The little bird told me it's all over!
    We're just spectators of an amateurish Shakespearean tragedy performed by bad actors.
    MA's not going to waste time, effort and resources on a doomed production.
    He's learnt his lesson.....again.

    1. Well, 'it ain't over until the fat lady sings' - as they say.
      All my little birdies have dried up - just trying to read between the lines now. If they can't even be bothered to send a flyer out, then it is hopeless.
      But I shall wait for a more certain sign - the next Statutory Notice should say it all.

    2. Between the lines:
      *Blame Game has begun.
      *Much ado about nothing.
      Full turnout of members.
      SP-zilch;they know better.

      Too many words to say so little; and do nothing of consequence.

  3. All low-hanging fruits have been plucked.

    Winning over the remaining SPs will be challenging. They require more active, personal engagement. Notices, posters and pursuit of strata roll perfection just wont increase signature count.
    Almost all of TC are aware of ongoing Enbloc, only 10 were uncontactable, that does not necessarily mean they're all unaware.

    Take a leaf from MPs, implement your 'small group' teams, consisting of 1XSC, 1XHuttons and pro-enbloc SPs amiable with your targeted SP and make your case. You may convert some, receive valuable feedback and for sure have a good feel for the ground.

    My gut feel is SC will still fail. Fresh developments at Rio Casa just make it more difficult.
    Let me be clear; I am against this Enbloc. Why then the advice?
    I'm hoping my assumption is validated.
    You'll have a realistic feel of the ground and end it soon.
    There can be an earlier start to Enbloc IV.
    If you succeed, well well it's by dint of very hard work. I acknowledge and accept that. Well Done!

    Enbloc III lacks focus. It needs impetus.

  4. Extract of minutes of Mtg 17:

    "What was needed was final push to obtain required minimum consent percentage by personally reaching to SPs whose contact details were not yet available, and who might not be aware of the sale exercise."

    MA reported 10 units not contactable. (Mtg 15)
    Another 136 units needed to attain 80%.
    I'll state the obvious; it's a mathematical absurdity. What's not stated by MA, but clearly implied was that the rest of SPs are aware but not interested.
    In so many words, Huttons is telling SC very politely that this committee is wasting his time, effort and resources.

    Would help enormously if our SC are capable of straight and critical thinking. Be more circumspect of our MA, who to his credit, voiced his disapproval of SC strategy and proposed RP.

  5. Extract of minutes of SC Mtg 17:

    "The CSC recognised that the issue was of concern to all SP. Both CSC and Managing Council should fulfill their obligation as elected leaders to inform all SPs so that they would exercise their right to choose, and none was kept ignorant and didn't sign only because obstacles were put against the SC efforts to inform all"

    Believe me, strata rolls are the least of SPs concern.
    It's a perverse CSC, erecting obstacles to an open, transparent, accountable process that bothers us.

    CSC ignorance and breaches of the Law; Shocks us.
    Recurring Blunders; Embarrass us.
    Inability to keep our RP secret; Worries us.
    Uncertainty over RP derivation; Frustrates us.
    Disinterest in the valuation of our land; Puzzles us.
    Withhold material information; Infuriates us.
    Resort to irresponsibly unaccountable casual discussion on this Mega Deal; Troubles us.
    Recklessly cavalier stance to the sale of our homes; Irks us.
    Blind faith in this MA, allowing him too much leeway; Disconcerting to us.
    Turning a blind eye to Conflict of Interest, ignoring our concerns; *#^>F]X US!!!

    If the game in town is "Whose to Blame"; It's exclusively, unreservedly, completely our CSC.

  6. We all know it's over when SC shows no further interest to capitalise on momentum of recent signature bump-up. There were no 'small group' interaction nor mass briefings cum signing sessions organised.

    The latest meeting was quite a stilted affair. There were no concrete plan of action to garner more signatures. Instead, prominence given to strata roll as a means of reaching out to the few still uncontactable SPs. Why can't SC improve on their TC Enbloc FB as a means of reaching to non residents and unaware SPs. It's hopelessly outdated and skimpy on useful information. Few dopey, stale comments are indicative of poor participation and readership. Only infrequently refreshed. Even minutes of 17th SC meeting and recent Statutory Notices are yet to be posted. Is this SC really serious about raising awareness as they claim? Or is this just an elaborate charade to enforce the notion of a functional committee in a make believe pursuit of Collective Sale success?

    Tampines Court Enbloc has Flatlined. Too late even for a 'Code Red' It's dead cold.

    Chairman, Games Over. Stop pussyfooting around.
    Call for an EOGM and give it a dignified final send off.

    1. There's no need for an EOGM- it would simply be either poorly attended or openly abusive to the embattled SC, either way what is the point? It is also a complete waste of MCST funds. The DDay is fast approaching and it will die a natural death. No Euthanasia required.

    2. Ma'am, your E-word aka "Mercy killing"

      This weak, predictable plot, terrible script and bad acting really annoys me.
      SC knows better than all others that it's over. They're in control, in charge, in the know and they've stopped really trying. This protracted self-deception is an insult to the intelligence of T Courters, not to mention a blot on SC standing.

      A quick end is merciful to all.

      If an EOGM scares them, then SC can opt to resign, En-mass. Remove all vestiges of Enbloc: Notices and Statutory Notices on our estate walls.
      A breach of LTSA Laws you say, well it didn't stop them then, why stop now?
      They're an eyesore, a breach of our ByLaws and a constant reminder of our personal Enbloc debacle, just when others are rejoicing Enbloc success.

      It's not a natural fade into the night.
      It is an excruciatingly painful prolonged and unnecessary torment.