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There is one thing worse than an Enbloc ----- and that is an Enbloc done badly. Since the majority have the necessary mandate to sell, then they owe it to all SPs to make a success of it. Minority SPs can only watch and wait, if they sell then lets pray it's at a price we can move on with, if they don't sell, then we are happy to stay for a few more years.

Perish the thought!

From our ex-Vice Chairman...


  1. Forget en bloc no. 4
    No SP is going to step forward to take up this thankless job
    TC feng shui really sucks

    1. I don't blame the fengshui. Its the SPs, and there is a sizeable group of SPs who will not be satisfied at any RP. But I agree with your point - TC can pretty much forget going enbloc ever, unless the makeup of SPs change, which is pretty much never. That's why people in the know no longer bother to mention TC as a candidate for enbloc.

    2. If only you took the trouble to read and understand the minutes of 17 SC mtg, you would have known that the problem is that a sizeable SPs are still unaware of ongoing Enbloc III.
      RP dissatisfaction is NEVER an issue with residents of Tampines Court.

      Don't you believe in your elected officials?
      Once MA has confirmed that TC Strata rolls is flawless, TC WILL achieve minimum consent level and SC can proceed to next phase.

    3. ...people in the know no longer bother to mention TC as a candidate for enbloc.

      Absolutely agree, but pertaining only to Enbloc III.
      CSC personalities have achieved nationwide enbloc notoriety.
      Enbloc III case study is required reading for all enbloc aficionados.

      "Never in the realm of Enbloc Singapore was so much impoverishment been inflicted upon so many by so few"

    4. Impoverished by so few? Did they stop you from selling your property on the open market? Why should they give up their homes just for the greedy to make more money by all means even if it means depriving people of their homes?. You want to sell by all means go and sell.Do not drag others into your scheme to get rich.

  2. Strange that whenever there is a failure, people would love to put the blame on feng shui except their own incompetency. Successful people are those would do soul searching when they failed a task & to improve themselves for the next one. You can always sell yr unit if you think there is no chance for enbloc 4.

  3. Well, some people are simply content with staying at TC. To them a failed enbloc is a success. It's their home and their right to feel that way. All viewpoints are valid.

    1. Nonsense! Don't put the blame on SPs. It's all about RP and a good team of SC/MA. How come Rio Casa can achieve 80% within 3 weeks?. We are almost at the signature deadline & you can't even achieve 60%! No point putting the blame on Feng Shui, SPs & whatever other excuses you can come up with.... Just admit your incompetency & do us a favour by not participating in future TC enbloc !

    2. I don't think you got my point. What I'm saying is that no matter what RP or enbloc team, some people simply won't sign because they TC is home to them. I don't know why this concept is do hard to understand...

    3. Aren't you stating the obvious ? No matter how high the RP, there will be SPs who won't sign, though its not up to them to object the enbloc unless they can prove they have suffer financial lost. ie. if we can get 80% first, which is will not happen now. Don't be in denial mode, this enbloc will failed because of incompetent SC/MA. Nothing else. As said, stop blaming the SPs and the fengshui.

    4. Why bother to blame anybody if one is happy about the unsuccessful en-bloc?

  4. So many mouthing their strong opinions, pointing fingers at one another, with their earplugs well stuffed in. No doubt there will be many more enblocs attempts for TC in years to come.

  5. An SC thats incapable of appreciating the value of our land, fails to acknowledge and tap on the expertise of its ex member, does not bother to familiarize with relevant Laws, overly reliant on flawed advice from substandard Agencies, condones poor work ethics is bound to fail. They only have themselves to blame.
    It's regrettable that SC and friends are trying to pin the blame on Strata rolls (those responsible on its upkeep), SPs (unaware and high expectation ones) and Feng Shui. Whats next Guys: Karma, astrological misalignment, Black Magic by rival Enblocers, Ghosts of Enbloc past....?

    If you can't face the music, then "Blame it on the Bossa Nova"
    Not True, we all know that. You can't handle the truth.
    At least it's apt and the innocent are not wrongly faulted.

  6. The latest percentage is out

  7. How arrogant the chair can be? Read the chat below?

    [5/1, 14:26]Chair: Dear Mr Eddie Siew,
    Please find attach notice on the latest revised RP. My apologies for the inconvenience that has caused.
    Tony Foo CSC Chairman

    [5/1, 14:26] Eddie: I'm perturbed the way this CS is going. Inconsistency and the desperation only bring about a question of trust.

    [5/1, 14:27] Chair: Dear Mr Eddie Siew, there are nothing to be worried or upset about as oneself decision whether to stay-put continue staying, have own personal sale or join in enbloc sale. CS required no trust from anyone since all are matured in their judgment. Furthermore CS is to facilitate and is voluntary. Thanks

  8. Anonymous14 May, 2017

    And we are supposed to trust them????