"I am a BLOGGER NOT an expert. This is a BLOG not a 'go-to' website for official information. I represent no one's view save my own. I have neither legal nor financial training, nor do I have anything to do with the real estate industry. My understanding of the Collective Sale Process is from a layman's position only. My calculations, computations and tables are homespun and may contain errors. Please note that nothing in this blog constitutes any legal or financial advice to anyone reading it. You should refer to your lawyer, CSC or financial adviser for expert advice before making any decision. This disclaimer is applicable to every post and comment on the blog. Read at your own risk."
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There is one thing worse than an Enbloc ----- and that is an Enbloc done badly. Since the majority have the necessary mandate to sell, then they owe it to all SPs to make a success of it. Minority SPs can only watch and wait, if they sell then lets pray it's at a price we can move on with, if they don't sell, then we are happy to stay for a few more years.


Honestly, I can hardly keep up with all the letters flying about under doors, in letterboxes and surreptitiously passed from hand to hand. It's like living in Hogwarts. They are written by Majority SPs and targeted at Majority SPs who probably signed early and are now feeling a little disgruntled. This is Majority in-fighting and they do themselves damage by carrying on like this. 

The letter repeats the same ol', same ol' (rather like this blog!) 

I believe our plot size will be a pull factor for these new Chinese bidders - the bigger the better; they can build 2 to 4 different developments aka Waterfront Collection and make a killing. 

Yes, Tampines Court did start their Enbloc process a year ago - just a month after Raintree Gardens in fact - and because the CSC & MA insisted on flogging a dead RP horse for 11 months, we are behind and it remains to be seen whether we catch this wave (or flight)  or the next. 

But it does not really matter if we are left sitting on the tarmac - there will be other opportunities. There's no need to fret because each HUDC will be sold in turn. Like jumbo jets lining up on the runway - we are an Airbus A380, and if it is our time to go, then we have to go.

'There has never been a decrease in Development Charges'?' I beg to differ.  

Legal fees: hmm I think they mean STB Fees and Disbursements. The Professional Legal fees (0.28% of your Sales Proceeds not including Bank & CPF discharge fees which are added on) are paid only after a successful Sale is completed and by all owners. 

We have been treated thus far to :


Not a single Minority flyer .... and they call me the troublemaker :D


  1. Anonymous17 June, 2017

    I agree the RP is a bit dated. If we were still at 75% now, an increase in RP would be a good idea. However since we are on the runway, and just because the skies are clearing, it doesnt mean we go back to terminal and load more passengers. It is too late. Rather, lets take off and see if we can go to maldive rather than langkawi.

    1. Haha.....I don't mean we should go back to the terminal - we are already taxi-ing down the runway and it's fasten your seat belts. Destination unknown.

      I am rather worried about the pilots, though, they haven't flown a jumbo before.

      If the plane doesn't get the all clear for take-off, the passengers shouldn't feel too despondent, the flight will be only delayed, not cancelled.

    2. Anonymous18 June, 2017

      passengers are already thinking of the beach leh. SCs of basically all enblocs have not flown before, and are learning on the job. Of course some like you have learnt, but do not want to pilot, yet as a passenger, shouldn't keep shouting at the pilots to push this knob or that. Otherwise, you should volunteer to fly.

      So 80% of passengers want the pilot to take off. So lets go for it. May the winds be strong to blow the jumbo to Maldives.

    3. Anonymous18 June, 2017

      No worry , it is a jumbo to the moon, is our destiny , just see how news of each en bloc sale came one by one at nick of time to spike up to cross 80% !

  2. Anonymous17 June, 2017

    You don't need to send out flyers to be a troublemaker. What u wrote in your blog is perceived as trouble making already.

  3. Anonymous17 June, 2017

    Easy is too judge the mistake of others difficult is to recognise your own mistakes. Be happy you never know how much time you have left. Never know what will happen tomorrow.

    1. Anonymous18 June, 2017

      wah liao, we must rename you as the grim reaper, because you keep posting that we don't have much time left to live... =(

  4. Anonymous18 June, 2017

    For all you know, all the letters may be posted by the blog owner. That's why she's so defensive & keep on putting the blame on majority, trying a diversion tactics.

  5. Anonymous18 June, 2017

    TC's big plot though may deter smaller developers from bidding but may yet be ingredient for head turning iconic launch for deep pocket developer !

  6. Anonymous18 June, 2017

    Hello blogger , please do us a favour, don't be so negative in your tone, attacking e SC/MA.When e public googles t court en bloc, your blog will be e first to be published. You are knowledgeable, yet u choose to attack e team. It's like washing dirty linen in public, there s no unity in this project. It's really a laughing stock

    1. Anonymous18 June, 2017

      Agree with you. Don't really know what's wrong with this woman. At this RP she is still not happy. How much she really want ? She claimed she is not legally trained or an expert, yet she always want to show she is better than everyone else. Keep on attacking SC/MA and even our lawyer. What is she trying to prove really ? I think we should hold her partly responsible if this enbloc failed because of bad reputation of TC as a result of the public reading her blog. If she want to object, please do so later but stop attacking the team & affect our reputation please !

    2. Anonymous19 June, 2017

      By keep on attacking the team and posting negative statement on TC, she may jeapordise the chance of majority as it makes negotiation difficult should there be one later. No one appointed her to act on behalf of the minority SPs. So suggest she keep her opinions to herself instead of making it public. If she persist, she is forcing people to react. So hope she don't push her luck too far.

    3. Anonymous22 June, 2017

      This Blog a valuable record of key events in TC Enbloc. Trials and tribulations of Enbloc III NOT a fault of blogger. Love her or fear her, it's a great blog on things Enbloc.

      With Serangoon Ville surging past us, and as more ex HUDC, former MoF and SAF estates joining soon, TC has lost its early bird advantage. Our concern must be if all offers are below RP; then a vote will be necessary. It's the Courts that will then decide if Enbloc Lawyer or Mr Vasan's reading of the Law is correct.
      Be prepared for the long haul.