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There is one thing worse than an Enbloc ----- and that is an Enbloc done badly. Since the majority have the necessary mandate to sell, then they owe it to all SPs to make a success of it. Minority SPs can only watch and wait, if they sell then lets pray it's at a price we can move on with, if they don't sell, then we are happy to stay for a few more years.


It's time for another hiatus.

I hope there are no more flyers which require 'hanging out', no more 'dirty linen' to air, I did not create these masterpieces and all 'team' errors up to now have been entirely of their own making.
Putting them together and chronicling their path has brought out the comedic side to our collective sale. It is indeed a laughing matter, and only a 'laughing stock' if outsiders actually care. 

But Outsiders? Really? Who would google Tampines Court except those who know the place. It is a unique name hence the reason why it is top in search.

Relax, our funny estate is not on the world radar.

But nothing much will happen now anyhow until the meeting on July 1st and the Tender on July 4th (Independence day in the US). 

So, time to hit the snooze button.


  1. Anonymous23 June, 2017

    Yes please do, at least until tender is awarded as any negative things you said here can jeopardize our chances. I don't see any other enbloc making so much noise as your blog.

  2. Anonymous25 June, 2017

    I read one of the hudc's blog currently going on enbloc. The SPs are more reasonable, calm and united. Unlike this blog, I don't see anyone atracking the SC/MA team though there are still anti-enblocers trying to sabotage the enbloc. The information listed in the blog are also more detailed, organised & useful, something which the blog owner can learn from them. No matter how, one should not spoilt the reputation of TC irrespective of whether you are pro or anti-enbloc. TC doesn't belongs to you alone !

  3. A high ranking official who cannot be named once told me (and I quote):-

    "If 80% want to jump off a cliff then the other 20% have no choice but to follow"

    I disagreed

    I am sorry my blog is so poorly organised, with no details and full of useless information - but it is what it is. I learned from the first enbloc blog out there -


    followed by :-




    to name a few.

    Our estate, though, throws up so much drama, but other estates have their own dramas, too. Some are documented, most are not.

    Recently, Florence Regency (ex-HUDC) had to call in the police at the AGM to handle the unruly hecklers.

    see here: https://hghudc7.wordpress.com/2017/06/23/drama-at-mc-meeting/

    1. Anonymous25 June, 2017

      Yes I read that too. It was clarified that "No, this is nothing to do with en bloc matters.". See what I mean, if you are going to make a comment, it has to be accurate & clarify that it's nothing to do with enloc (though you did mentioned the meeting is AGM). Still yr blog is specifically for enbloc & not AGM). Readers only hear one side of the story or mislead by you thinking that what you mentioned is relating to enbloc. Like that how to trust the comments of your blog ? By been careless in yr comment, you put your own credibility & TC reputation at stake . Even if there are dramas in other enbloc, must we follow suit? Can't we be more civil in the spirit of neighbourliness?

    2. Anonymous25 June, 2017

      Yr blog is "Tampines Court Enbloc Round III Blog" isn't ? What has other AGM's drama got to do with us ? There are hundreds of AGM all over Singapore. Each time there is a drama, ate you going to put it in yr blog or provide a link to it ? Even if other enbloc has mistakes it's their own business. I believe What readers of yr blog are more concern is TC enloc and our reputation.

    3. I gave the blog address so you could go and read it for yourself and get the details there. I was highlighting the fact that drama happens in other estates and not just ours. That blog, by the way, is a pro-enbloc blog not anti so you are not going to hear about their mistakes. I have it on good authority from a resident in FR that things are not all rosy over there - reports of drama have not been published - but I get them through emails. Enough drama to start a new blog!

      Let me give you a taste:
      In 2016 the MCST AGM was held - and half way through that AGM they switched to the EOGM to elect the SC - then proceeded on to finish the AGM.

      Now, in my mind, that cannot happen because there is no way of knowing if the quorum for holding the EOGM for the purposes of collective sale was met. I think the whole enbloc exercise is not legit. .. and that's just a taste of matters in FR

    4. Hey 3.2, get your order right. It was comment 2 that started the other blog comparison. I went on to highlight we are not the only high-drama estate (with a link to clarify my point). If a thread of thought is started - it just continues from there.

    5. Anonymous25 June, 2017

      Whatever lah. It will be good if you could just still to TC enloc & not AGM drama matter, especially concerning other condos so as to make it less confusing & unnecessary misunderstanding. Anyway I do hope there is no drama in the comming July 1st meeting. So long as we stick to the topics & are calm & respect each other, it shoud be fine. There is always a proper channel to air yr greviences, no need to create any scene in the meeting.

    6. Anonymous25 June, 2017

      How silly can some people be? Your blog is your blog. They do not like what you have to say they can simply leave this blog. You don't owe them anything.

    7. Anonymous25 June, 2017

      To blog owner, I suggest u don't listen to those silly advice of those who try to provoke u to anyhow write in yr blog. They can say this because it's not his or her blog. If you kena legal problem because of something you write & unknowingly defame someone, would he help u or pay for your legal fees ? They will sure bochap because it's not his problem. I don't think yr disclaimer can protect u 100%. Only u can protect yourself by ignoring those silly people's advice who try to provoke u.

  4. Anonymous25 June, 2017

    I came here to know more of TC Enbloc III. Have visited other similar blogs, property news sites, interacted with friends n colleagues of other estate, property agents and not least TC Enbloc FB to be in the know. I form my own opinions. Mistakes and happenings of other Enbloc relevant too.
    That this blog has high and active participation is a reflection of it's prominence, relevance and credibility. Bloggers long association with Enbloc, attention to detail and keeps it updated is appreciated. We all have a duty to highlight n correct any errors of facts and procedures.
    Blogger revised armchair RLV of TC to reflect current sentiments is pro SP, especially when there's so much negativity on TC pricing by those who should do just the opposite.
    Great Work....GRMA

  5. Anonymous26 June, 2017

    emotions, ego and self righteousness are perfect ingredients for failure and we have plenty of those here.

  6. Anonymous26 June, 2017

    Six months to relocate mean most likely can only buy resale condo ?

    1. Anonymous26 June, 2017

      More than enough time for HDB too.

  7. Anonymous04 July, 2017

    Hi Itshometome, my contribution/thanks

    On the 1/7 meeting alone I would say it is a very good and constructive meeting except for unnecessary Hooha! As the saying goes “Pessimistic” if your see a scalp you immediately see a wounds that was what transpired in the meeting. Fortunately SA withdraw and apologised for mentioning the irrelevant old issues.

    In cases of this nature, there is no right or wrong as they depending on the depth of each other’s pockets. But if you listen between the lines, Speed-to-market and How-soon can the deal be closed. One interprets that they looked forward for their ROI and real soon. (Sorry I can be wrong).

    All-in-all we must thanks each and every ones’ contributions to where we are today. Worth mentioning the first group who champion and lead, the 11th hour group Swing vote category) and not forgetting the ready to-ride-it-out till the end group without which the value will not elevate to where it is. Well done folks.

    Conclusion: All the best and good luck guys. The Million/Multimillions is getting closer!